"Ecotao Explore" Wooden Bottle. Sustainable Lifestyle starts here

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Handmade ‚účūüŹŅ¬†

EcoTao Explore 200 series Wooden Bottles  are excellent travel companions.. or just sitting at Home/ Office table  or even Gifting.  Our Explore series is durable Made in India for City life or Exploring nature. They are easy to Carry  travel bottles to carry anywhere with you. 

Exterior is made of pure wood and inner lining is glass, its  minimalistic design  and also subtly decorative. Place it any corner of your room and it creates a conversational space of its own. The wood exterior acts like an insulator and glass inside safe keeps  your carry on 200ml  beverages/ kombuchas/ nimbupani or even your face oil mix - air tight and water tight anywhere.

Simplistic wooden texture look comes from real wood that is reclaimed and discarded  from  mango orchards. The light buff enhances the wooden grains. 

EcoTao Explore- Easy to carry anywhere! 

Size :200 ml

Material used:

These bottles are made with mango wood which are quite sustainable, biodegradable and reusable.

Mango wood is, by product of Mango fruit industry.Unlike the big towering oaks of North America and Europe that can take 50-100 years to mature, mango trees mature quickly; reaching 80-100 feet in around 15 years.Once the trees get too tall to easily harvest the fruit or stop bearing fruit altogether, they are discarded and a new generation of trees is planted.Harvesting wood that was previously burnt or left to break down naturally not only provides extra income to mango farmers, but provides manufacturers with an affordable material that’s easy to work with.