Bohemian Romantic Interiors from the Portfolio of Photographer Carley Page Summers

SOMETIMES THE best place to find inspiring interiors is in the portfolios of photographers. Such is the case with Carley Page Summers, an interior photographer and stylist, passionate about photography from a young age. During an especially difficult time in her life, while living and volunteering in Haiti, Summers was inspired by the culture and people to use photography as a way to help narrate their stories. After returning home, Summers studied art and graduated with a fine arts degree with a focus in photography and painting. Interiors and design would follow naturally, creating her current path of interior photography. All of these charming spaces were found on the photographer's Instagram page and reveal Summer's artistic eye―some of in far-flung places like Marrakech and Versailles, but most oftentimes, they are of the cosy corners of her own bohemian romantic home.


BY This is Glamorous